Gate Access App

Making access simpler and more secure

Gate Access Made Easy

At Horizon Secure Storage, we make use of a mobile app—Storage Genie—to offer touchless gate access and a variety of other benefits for our tenants. 

Never worry about forgetting the access code for our gate ever again! Even better, you don’t even need to take the phone out, unlock it, or pull up an app. 

Using special technology, our gate detects when you’re nearby via the app and opens for you.

What It Can Do

With the Storage Genie app for Horizon Secure Storage, you can perform a number of tasks that make your storage experience more secure and more convenient.

  • Open our security gate
  • See gate access history
  • Make rent payments
  • Contact our team

Horizon Secure Storage

Convenient self storage units in Greenwood, AR

If security and convenience are at the top of your mind, Horizon Secure Storage is the perfect fit for you. 

Our self storage units are easy to reach and accessible 24/7. 

We employ a wide range of security measures, including the Storage Genie app, to offer a safer and more reassuring self storage experience. 

Find the right self storage unit for your needs online or in person today!

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